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Do dreams have the ability to access and transcend space and time?

Updated: May 21, 2019

Dreams have been an important aspect of my life. From childhood to today. For whatever reason, they have been extremely vivid and a good portion of them are what you would refer to as feeling “real”. Why is that?

Is it simply a bunch of chemical reactions taking place and that’s it? Are our brains just figuring out different item, concerns or problems from the day or days previous and dreams are just a way for our brains to calculate or arrive at a solution?

Is there something more to it? Are we visiting places or dimensions while we dream? Dreams have been the root of human milestones. Songs, films and books are written based on dreams. Inventions and discoveries have been made all due to dreams.

My son Noah once asked me, “Dad, do you ever wonder if dreams are the real world and the world we are living in is a dream?” I told him, “Yes, quite a few times. Like right now.” He was seven at the time.

I was able to remember quite a few dreams that I started to make a game out of remembering my dreams and where my subconscious might have provided the story line. When I would wake, I was able to recall times during the previous day when I might have said something that triggered a part of the dream that evening. Or maybe I heard or saw something from a movie that I could place as the culprit materializing in my dream.

But there are some dreams that not only seem more colorful than real life, but actually feel real. Like we are in some sort of dimension or plane. When you start to pay attention to your dreams, really honing in on the details and get vivid and lucid so that you are conscious in your dreams, that’s when things get interesting.

Native Americans believe that the Dreamworld is real

Native American cultures have always revered the dream world. It’s a place that is considered to be a true reality, another plane of existence. They also consider animals to be sacred and ones that show up in your dream world are trying to tell you something. Your totem animals, your spirit animals are here to guide you. They stressed the importance of the animals that appear in your dreams and in your visions are ones that should be acknowledged and observed.

“Your soul dreams those dreams; not your body, not your mind. Those dreams come true. The soul travels all over the world when you dream.”

- Chippewa elder John Thunderbird

I have shared some of my dreams that I have with the world when I wrote the book Monsterland: Encounters with UFOs, Bigfoot and Orange Orbs. Others, I will share in my new book, The Shamans Secret.

Several years ago when I was looking for work, I was in preparation for a job interview in Boston in a few days, I spent a good amount of time researching the company. After a little while, I really wasn’t sure what the company really did. The website was almost cryptic and it was a company name I wasn’t familiar with, but they were on a posh street in downtown Boston and on the top floor. They were hiring and I needed a job. It wasn’t a matter of whether or not they were legit, it just didn’t seem to make me feel comfortable. I was getting what you would call “a weird vibe” when I would focus on this company.

That evening I had an interesting dream. In my dream I was walking down a hiking trail of some sort. There were woods all around and the trail was a dirt one with decent size rocks. The terrain to the right seemed steep, almost like a slightly steep ravine. I was alone. At least it seemed that way when suddenly a white wolf appeared on the path in front of me.

I stopped dead in my tracks. It was maybe ten yards or so away from me and it was directly in my path. It was stopped and staring at me. The wolf was big and majestic. I sensed a male energy from it and its coat was so white that it was rich looking. The eyes of the wolf were blue as the ocean and amongst the white fur mesmerizing to look at.

I felt threatened. This wolf didn’t seem to be friendly. It showed its teeth. I quickly turned to my left and noticed a short, but thick branch on the ground. It was small enough to hold in one hand but big enough to become protection if need be.

I looked at the wolf and then at the branch. I took a breath and then I snatched it up as quickly as I could all the while glancing back and forth from the branch to the wolf. The wolf’s eyes were hooked onto the branch. Then its eyes were back on me. It didn’t growl. It just stared. It didn’t feel like a good stare. It wanted something.

I placed the branch in my right hand and lifted it up above my head, motioning to the wolf with a forward motion repeatedly as if I was about to throw it. When the wolf didn’t move, I threw the branch in the wolf’s direction but towards the right and it went tumbling down the ravine. The wolf swiftly followed suit and ensued chase after the branch. The threat was momentarily avoided and I was back on the trail alone with no wolf in sight.

I woke up and quickly wrote down the dream. I wasn’t sure what the meaning of the wolf was. Was this my totem animal? As a child, this was an animal that was easily my favorite. I even used to sign my name like I was signing an autograph and I would pencil in a wolf paw below the signature.

Was this dream trying to tell me something? It was very vivid and real and it stayed with me all day. I couldn’t seem the shake the significance of the wolf. A white wolf with blue eyes. Was it my pet? I dismissed the thought as I had to get ready for my interview.

I arrived at the location of my interview. I won’t get into what they do or what the job I was interviewing for was. It was in a high rise building in the business district and my meeting was on the top floor. I got off the elevator and was met by a secretary or assistant of sorts and had me take a seat. A few minutes later I was taken to a lavish waiting room which was in the center of the office building. Afghan rugs and expensive paintings littered the room. There were two hefty leather chairs that were positioned so that they were facing each other. I was shown one of the chairs and I sat down. “Wait right here, I will get the hiring manager. He’s excited to meet with you.”

I met with the hiring manager who I had spoken with over the phone. He was visibly stressed out. He looked like he hadn’t slept in a day or so and was sweating profusely during the interview. When I would ask some particular question he wouldn’t fully answer it and left things somewhat vague.

I was getting an uneasy feeling about the whole thing. Then he said, “Our CEO would love to meet with you. Let me get him really quick. A few minutes go by and I am feeling really uneasy now. To the point that I know this job isn’t going to work out for me. The pay sucks, the travel, the job itself sounds awful. I was starting to consider just getting up and walking out of the place when all of the sudden here comes the CEO.

I lost my breath. He reaches out his hand to greet me. I stand up and shake his hand. He sits down directly across from me. And it hit me like a crashing wave on my face.

The CEO is wearing a white - neatly pressed - dress shirt with cufflinks. His hair is as white as snow and his eyes...a piercing blue. Here he is sitting across from me, smiling at me. Staring me down and I realize at that very moment that this is the wolf that I dreamed about. The white wolf with the blue eyes. I remember that I looked for a stick or a branch during my dream and I threw the wolf off of my path. I knew that at this very moment, this job wasn’t for me.

The CEO continued to blatantly lie to me about the role and said things that were contradicting to what the hiring manager had told me moments before. I allowed him to finish his routine and then I told him that I appreciated his time and informed him that this role just isn’t the right fit. Like the branch, I threw myself off of the trail leaving the CEO sitting on the leather chair looking perplexed at what had just occurred.

I know I am one of the few that would put these two together but I find it fascinating that my dream was almost a premonition of events to come where I would meet this CEO.

Do dreams have the ability to access and transcend space and time?

Do dreams dwell in the place where past, present and future exist all at once? I will be exploring this and other topics in my new book The Shaman’s Secret. COMING SOON

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