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Is there a Monsterland and an America’s Stonehenge Connection...to Atlantis?

America's Stonehenge also known as Mystery Hill in Salem, New Hampshire

Something interesting was found almost fifty years ago in Leominster State Forest.

In the area of Notown Reservoir, a grouse hunter discovered a strange stone. A stone table, which some believe to be a sacrificial table. What is the connection with this stone, found in Leominster State Forest (Monsterland) and America’s Stonehenge?

Could a central state forest in Massachusetts possibly be harboring an ancient sacred site?

The stone table has a remarkable resemblance to one that was found at a famous stone chamber in New Hampshire dubbed Mystery Hill. The site is now known worldwide today as America’s Stonehenge. Never heard of it?

Hang tight - we will get into that in a minute. Back to the stone.

The grooved Notown Table Stone reportedly weighs anywhere from 600-900 pounds. It is currently on display in the front of the Leominster Historical Society headquarters on School Street in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Although a majority of historians believe that these are simply grooved stones used for apple presses, a sacrificial table isn’t always at the top of the list. But when you look at the time period, which is anywhere from 2,000 - 4,000 B.C., there are some details that lead researchers to believe that this stone was part of a ceremonial site.

In July of 1974, the Worcester Telegram and Gazette newspaper published an article entitled “Notown Rock Stirs Interest in Prehistory”. The article asks the question..

“Did ancient civilizations similar to those found in Europe at the time of Stonehenge settle in the Notown area of Leominster? This question and many others are pondered by the Leominster Historical Society and Wallace C. Nash. Nash discovered. almost two years ago a slab, similar in appearance with the sacrificial stone at Mystery Hill in North Salem, New Hampshire. Officials at Mystery Hill became interested in Nash’s find and asked him to return and photograph the huge rock. Nash returned last week but all he found were marks where the huge rock had been dragged off.”

The stone would not resurface again until decades later. Who took the stone? The twenty-seven year old Nash believed that the stone was used for animal sacrifices. Previous radiocarbon tests at Mystery Hill and a new method of cross-checking of the carbon date with tree borings show the area was built about 2,000 B.C. putting Mystery Hill at the same time as the stone building in Europe and possibly the Notown Stone from Leominster.

There were signs of large bonfires that were discovered in the Moonoosnock Hill area of Leominster, similar to those found in Mystery Hill.

What is America's Stonehenge?

Mystery Hill, was initially called Mystery Hill Caves in 1958 by the current owner Dennis Stone's father, Robert Stone. After some confusion with visitors thinking that this was a site of natural caves, the name was adjusted to Mystery Hill in 1963. The site is officially now Mystery Hill on topographical maps. Then in 1982, Mystery Hill was renamed to America’s Stonehenge. This is the site of a giant megalithic astronomical complex constructed sometime during the Bronze Age. There is evidence showing that astronomy played a central role in the construction of America’s Stonehenge.

It has been determined that the site is an accurate astronomical calendar for specific solar and lunar events of the year. There have been three kinds of inscriptions discovered here and they include Iberian Punic (Phoenician), Celt Iberian and Lybian! These inscriptions were investigated and a book entitled “America B.C.” was eventually published in 1976 by Dr. Barry Fell of Harvard University detailing his findings. According to Fell, these scripts match closer to the ones found in Spain and Portugal.

When it comes down to it..still no one really knows who built these stone chambers and structures.

Some of these chambers have been discovered throughout New England. Dennis Stone, of America’s Stonehenge (He was destined with the name) states that there are over 800 of these stone structure locations throughout the Northeast.

Could some or all of them have been connected in the past?

When it comes to who constructed this particular site, the likely suspects for the builders are considered to be the Phoenicians, The Culdee monks of Ireland, the Vikings, as well as the early indigenous people. America’s Stonhenge is considered to possibly be the oldest man-made construction in the United States.

Recent discoveries by researchers and ownership are a direct line to Stonehenge and other sites of importance around the world using Ley lines as well as these snake walls that run through the property. Huge stone heads that start the curved walls. Over twelve have been found. One of these walls is twice the size of the Serpent Mound of Ohio.

The Serpent Mound is an internationally known National Historic Landmark built by the ancient American Indian cultures of Ohio. It is an effigy mound (a mound in the shape of an animal) representing a snake with a curled tail.

Nearby are three burial mounds—two created by the Adena culture (800 B.C.–A.D. 100), and one by the Fort Ancient culture (A.D. 1000–1650).

The Salem, New Hampshire site’s earliest known owner was Jonathan Pattee, building a house on top of these cave-like stone structures that we merged with the earth. Most assumed that this was just a stone structure built by early settlers or Native Americans. It’s historical significance was simply discarded.

One of the previous owners of the property, and who dubbed it "The Great Stone Village", William B. Goodwin, came looking to America’s Stonehenge for evidence of a Viking settlement in North America. He was eventually led to believe that the site was built by someone else. Goodwin believed that we had visitors here before Columbus and that the site was constructed by the Culdee Monks from Ireland. (Ironically, if his theory is correct - they came here escaping certain death by the hands of the Vikings.)

In the 2006 book “Ancient Stone Sites of New England and the Debate Over Early European Exploration”, (Geesh long title!) Author David Goudsward talks about the Notown table stone.

“Despite the uproar about the stones discovery, disappearance and reappearance, it was not the stone’s first time in the spotlight. the 1946 publication of William B Goodwin's Culdee Monk theory included a vast network of missionary outpost radiating out of his stone village in North Salem. The Notown grooved rock, per Goodwin's theory was the ceremonial center for an outpost of Mystery Hill in Leominster (aka Monsterland!)

Primary evidence of this colony was the grooved slab as well as a small boulder with pictographs, a stone wall leading from the grooved stone on the hilltop to a water supply in the valley below and the proximity to the Mohican Trail.”

There is a strong belief that the rocks and megaliths that were placed in these areas, like Mystery hill and other locations, to mark these areas of high-energy. Some of the stone walls constructed connected points to one another almost like a prehistoric wire.

Others feel that the stone that was used, as well as white and black quartz or granite within the area help with creating some type of high-energy field.

What could this high energy be used for? Was there something going on at these locations? Were they used for burial ceremonies? Sacrifices? There is evidence that the stone chambers and megaliths that are found in these areas are also astronomically aligned the sunrise and sunset of equinoxes and solstices the North Star as well as lunar alignments.

Phil Imbrogno, in his book “Celtic Mysteries in New England” explains further.

“The Winter Solstice Sunset Monolith at Mystery Hill was the first stone suspected to have solar alignment. The stone marker was placed at the most southerly point of the setting sun almost 4,000 years ago, but is off today because of a change in the direction that the earth points to in space.

This wobbling of the earth's orbit is called precession of the Equinox and is the reason why we have a new North Star every several thousand years.”

The Celts believe that when the soul left this earth it traveled on a westerly course to follow the setting sun. Imbrogno surmises that this may be why many of the chambers point to the east, representing birth, and to the west, representing death.

Carl Barton believes that the stone chambers are situated over areas of high energy and if they were used by a very ancient people as temples Carl, a retired geologist and graduate of Yale University, believed that many of the structures were the product of the Atlanteans who fled to North America after the sinking of their continent - yes the city of Atlantis.

The Fabled underwater city of Atlantis

Phil Imbrogno believes that “the people of Atlantis did not build the chambers but they marked the areas of high energy with standing stones. These standing stones harness the energy from the earth and focused it. Later, when the area was explored by the Celts, they found that these areas of high-energy were still marked by the standing stones and they built temples over them. The energy that these stone chambers seem to emit has a greater effect on people who are empaths or who have psychic abilities.”

By the stones, quartz and or granite of these areas generating high energy, could this energy have once been so strong, by being connected to other sacred and high energy areas, that there could be some sort of time dilation or access to other realms? Creating a portal to another dimension or world?

Carl Burton believes that the Phoenicians are the ones that built the stone chambers and at the earth's energy field in these locations was much stronger at one point in time since all of these chambers were lying through magnetic lines of force.

The chambers were portals to the other side and were used for traveling out of the body. Astral projection. People would come to these chambers to talk with loved ones who had passed over.

In the 2015 book, Bigfoot by Tom Burnett and Rob Riggs, the co-authors research into Bigfoot focuses on their local area known as “The Big Thicket” region of Texas. They have this to say about these energy areas and their astrological significance:

“Some ancient cultures particularly among the Native peoples of the Americas and Celtic Europe, seem to have been attuned to the mysteries of strange lights and subtle energy. They were very connected about identifying places where these energy fields were said to be periodically focused and attached great importance to the astrological significance of the Equinoxes and Solstices so that they could predict when the focusing effect would eventually occur.

Some scholars think that such cultures like these believe that the times and places that this occurred provided temporary openings between this world and other realities. Curiously, for reasons which remain essentially unknown, they also built long perfectly straight roads or lines sometimes called ley lines connecting these places to their cultural and ceremonial centers.”

Could these areas also attract and contain what we know as Bigfoot, UFOS and Orbs? Are they coming through these temporary openings? Or are they simply attracted and need the energy from these areas?

With UFO and Bigfoot sightings seemingly having no rhyme or reason when they occur, but happening in and around these sacred and high energy areas, could these openings...well, could they be opening up every day? Are they coming in and out when the veil is the thinnest between these worlds?

If these locations were connected at one time, maybe what the people of the day were seeing in the sky like dragons, thunderbirds or spirit serpents were real. They were coming in when the veil was thin and sticking around. But seeing is believing right?

Seeing that we can...only see 1% of the visual spectrum...maybe?

Or are they already here? Hiding in our forests. Laying low in our seas and oceans.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction.

"If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of frequency, energy and vibration.”

- Nikola Tesla


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