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Growing up in Leominster, Massachusetts, Ronny learned of a section of the city near his childhood home that was called Monsterland. He didn't know why it received this moniker, but all of his friends were going there to ride their BMX bikes, pedaling through the forested trails to get there and spending their day in the sand dunes within the power lines. 

Teenagers would use the area to hold keg parties and bonfires and young couples would frequent the area to evade prying parent's eyes. Some of the "lucky" ones that would venture into this area at night would experience strange sounds and lights. Sightings of flying saucers, orange orbs and hairy creatures running on two legs were part of the lore.


 The secret of why it has been called Monsterland has most of its own residents in the dark. 

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​Learn about the history of UFO sightings in Massachusetts as well as Bigfoot encounters that continue to this day in and around Leominster State Forest.

What Ronny controversial. What if all of these phenomena is connected? What if it has something to do with the area itself and its history?


People have heard about the Bridgewater Triangle of Southeastern Massachusetts. Learn about this strange place within Central Massachusetts from someone that believes that there is more than meets the eye. 

If you like author and researchers like John Keel, Stan Gordon, Jacques will want to get these books! 

There is an area known to the locals of Leominster, Massachusetts as MONSTERLAND™.


There are sightings of UFOS, Bigfoot and Orange Orbs. They have been coming and going for years. But where are they coming from? Why are they here? It seems that the state of Massachusetts has had a long history of sightings and encounters with these mysterious entities and they are occurring in the present day.


Could all of these events somehow be connected? What is so special about Leominster that they have plagued the area for so long?


Author and Researcher Ronny Le Blanc of Leominster thinks that he might have the answers to some of these questions. But the answers received lead to a whole new understanding of the unknown....


Author Ronny Le Blanc stars in the new Travel Channel (TRVL) series EXPEDITION BIGFOOT. His second book takes readers down the trail of the invisible worlds. We can only see 1% of the visual spectrum with our own eyes.


What lies hidden within the 99%? Sasquatch, otherwise known as Bigfoot, is considered by many Native American tribes to dwell within two worlds. They have one foot in the physical realm and one foot in the spiritual.


Shamans have been known to have the ability to visit the spirit world.


What can we learn from them about consciousness, Sasquatch, these invisible worlds as

well as our own reality?

It continues...

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