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Ronny is featured on Travel Channel's EXPEDITION BIGFOOT as well as one of the paranormal experts for PARANORMAL CAUGHT ON CAMERA.. He's published two books:, Monsterland: Encounters with UFOs, Bigfoot and Orange Orbs and his follow up, Monsterland: Shamans, Sasquatch, Synchronicity and High Strangeness

The team uncovered some incredible evidence including hair samples, infra-sound vocalization, a footprint and an enormous nest, and a video...thermal imagery of an enormous Bigfoot walking away on two legs. (HINT: You can see this within the first 5 minutes of Episode #1 of Expedition Bigfoot and a better visual of what Russ was able to capture in a later episode-).


An incredible adventure in pursuit of the elusive being known as Sasquatch. The team assembled consisted of (Dr. Mireya Mayor, Russ Acord, Bryce Johnson and (RPG) Ryan Golembeske). It was focused on one mission...get evidence of Bigfoot. Oh boy did we!



Growing up in Leominster, Massachusetts, Ronny learned of a section of the city near his childhood home that was called Monsterland. He didn't know why it received this moniker, but all of his friends were going there to ride their BMX bikes, pedaling through the forested trails to get there and spending their day in the sand dunes within the power lines. 

Teenagers would use the area to hold keg parties and bonfires and young couples would frequent the area to evade prying parent's eyes. Some of the "lucky" ones that would venture into this area at night would experience strange sounds and lights. Sightings of flying saucers, orange orbs and hairy creatures running on two legs were part of the lore.

Monsterland 1 Book Cover.jpg

The secret of why it has been called Monsterland has most of its own residents in the dark. 

Learn about the history of UFO sightings in Massachusetts as well as Bigfoot encounters that continue to this day in and around Leominster State Forest.

What Ronny controversial. What if all of these phenomena are connected? What if it has something to do with the area itself and its history?


People have heard about the Bridgewater Triangle of Southeastern Massachusetts. Learn about this strange place within Central Massachusetts from someone that believes that there is more than meets the eye. 

If you like author and researchers like John Keel, Stan Gordon, Jacques will want to get these books! 


One of the top results was located in central Oregon and there was a 3 week time frame to send in a team to gather evidence. A scientist, a primatologist to be exact, an ex-Military Sergeant, survivalist and seasoned Bigfoot researcher and a Bigfoot researcher soaked in the Paranormal...Ronny Le Blanc. 

The rest is a history making expedition that yielded amazing results.


8 hour-long episodes that will have you at the edge of your seat!




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Ronny is a regular presenter at various paranormal, UFO and Bigfoot conferences around the country.



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“Ronny has written an engaging and eye-opening account of his quest to understand interactions with Bigfoot, as well the strange occurrences that happen around those interactions that are not easily explained.” 


—  Maggie, Amazon Review