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Here’s What Travel Channel’s Experts Think About Those Monoliths

In case you missed it, monoliths have been mysteriously appearing (and disappearing) around the world. The first emerged in the Utah desert on Nov. 18 and vanished on Nov. 27. On the same day the Utah monolith disappeared, a new one popped up outside Piatra Neamț, Romania. By the time Dec. 2 came around, the monolith in Romania was gone and a new one was discovered in Atascadero, California.

Since the first monolith’s appearance, some questions have been answered. For example, the Utah monolith didn’t just vanish on its own — two men took credit for removing it. But several questions still remain. Who better to weigh in than some of our very own experts here at Travel Channel?

We reached out to Dave Schrader (The Holzer Files), Ben Hansen (True Paranormal: Fact or Faked, UFO Witness) and Ronny Le Blanc (Expedition Bigfoot, Paranormal Caught on Camera) for their thoughts. Here's what they had to say:

On the origin of the Utah monolith:

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